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What is FlowClub and what is it not?
FlowClub is not a workshop, or a coaching programme.
It is here to help you maintain a good vibration and reach your goals more easily, while staying awake and grounded. All this, however, without the intensity of a workshop or weekly calls.
We create flow through monthly impulse videos and Q&A meetings, the so-called FlowClub Lives!

Let yourself be surprised...

The 3 pillars to support you
Every 1st Wednesday of the month you receive an impulse video with the topic of the month, food for thought, impulses and sometimes also tasks for the coming month. This video is pre-recorded and is sent to you by email, so you can watch it in your own timing.

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month we do a live Q&A, which lasts about 60 minutes. This is the core of the FlowClub. You get your questions answered and learn from other members. These calls  will of course be made available as a replay.
There is also a secret Facebook group that only you have access to, where we support each other. For now this group is run on FB, but I plan to support it additionally on a Telegram channel.
The past 6 months of FlowClub have shown, that these three elements can really make a difference.

What's the cost?


You can choose 1 of 2 memberships:


FlowClub is a monthly membership and is charged at €37 per month to start. You can also join during the first month or when I open the FC to new people at a later date. Of course you can cancel your membership at any time.

And even though this price is pretty low, I want to offer something on top:



If you want to join right from the start and pay your membership fee annually in advance, I'll give you an extra 2 months on top. That means you get 12 months for the price of 10. 

€370 for the whole year.


And the best thing is that this annual price will always remain the same for you as long as FlowClub exists and you are a member, even if we raise the prices in the future.


As a founding angel, you are, as always, instrumental in shaping the structure and there will certainly be some changes over time. I not only expect that, I actually wish for it. And as always, I am there to support YOUR dreams. 

"For me, Flowclub is like regular dental prophylaxis - each time, what you don't want, what is harmful, is removed, it's cleansed and you're made strong for what's to come. You don't know beforehand, that it's necessary and yet afterwards your feeling and well-being is much better."

- Gesa Johannes (FlowClub Member)

What else might be important:
Especially as a newcomer and without previous knowledge, FlowClub will help you with new impulses for your growth, develop yourself personally and to trust yourself more and be more in flow.
FlowClub helps you to continuously get and stay in a higher vibration.
Although you don't need to have participated in one of my trainings or courses as a prerequisite, the FC of course also helps especially the participants of my courses, such as 6 Week Masters and The Forgiveness Formula, to continue implementing their tools and to exchange ideas. 

Sign me up!
Blue Waterdrop_edited.jpg

There are 2 ways to join

Monthyl subscription

€ 37 per month on a subscriber basis

(This subscription can be cancelled at any time)

Yearly subscription

€ 370 for 12 month

You get 2 months for free. Anual angels keep this price as long as FlowClub exists)

A few more answers to the most important questions that have reached me:
How much time do I have to invest?
Basically 1x 30 minutes plus 1x 60 minutes per month.
There is the impulse video at the beginning of the month that I send you to watch at your own time.

Then 2 weeks later there is the FLowClub Live.
This is our live call where you can ask your questions or learn from the questions of others. It's impressive how much you can benefit from this group dynamic.
Are there replays?
Of course! All sessions will be recorded and made available in the replay. If you prefer not to be seen on video, simply turn off your camera and microphone and ask me your question in the chat.
What exactly is the advantage of subscribing for a year?
The big advantage for you is that you get 2 months for free with the annual fee. Pay for 10 months and get 12. Thus you only spend just €1,01 per day.
Another advantage is that at some point I'm sure the prices will change as I expand FlowClub. Your sign up price will always stay the same.
Can I cancel the monthly subscription?
Yes, at any time. The fee will be collected monthly until you simply cancel the subscription. And you can do that at any time. Just send me an email. Of course not retrospectively.
If you have any other questions, just write to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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