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Reclaim your Power
Your forgiveness formula for personal success.

Image by David Becker


The Forgiveness - Formula
is the fastest way
to more Self-Love, Self-Acceptance
Confidence & Inner Peace.


Image by David Becker

What you can expect in this 8 week course:

  • 6 modules 

  • each a 90 minutes live webinar on Zoom weekly.

  • Replays of each session for you to watch at any time afterwards, should you be unable to attend live.

  • All recordings available for 1 year.

  • Bonus Q&A between module 3 and 4 make sure all your questions are answered.

  • Bonus Q&A at the end to integrate and make sure no questions are left open.

  • Trance coaching recording on deep basic trust, that is specifically tailored for the needs and goals of this group (Trance Coaching helps you to flip the switch in the subconscious and reprogram the autonomic nervous system. And you do that in your sleep.)

  • Bonus Trances to support those topics:

    • Free from Guilt and Shame

    • I am enough

  • Frequent tasks to integrate the work.

  • The support of a secret Facebook group - an energy that should not be underestimated.

  • And a few extra bonuses throughout these 6 weeks.

Let's Break Down Each Week...

Free yourself from the energy of others

  • Forgive others and let go of old pain

  • Understand what forgiveness really does and how it can help you?

  • How do you forgive others and really let go of the past.

  • Learn the first process - the 1st way of forgiveness.


Heal your own inner patterns from childhood

  • We dive into the moment we have turned our back on our self when we grew up.

  • We bring those parts of our power back that we have lost or suppressed in order to fit in or be liked. Let it be with our family, our friends, at school etc.

  • Understand who we are without those other stories.

  • Learn the second process - the 2nd way of forgiveness

Forgive yourself today and let go of mistakes instantly

  • Being able to let go of mistakes instantly will catapult your success

  • Understand where you are holding yourself responsible, but you are not.

  • Stop punishing yourself so you can live aligned with your values.

  • Learn how to forgive yourself for your mistakes and let them go.

  • Release the feeling of guilt and shame so you can move on freely again.

  • Learn the third process - the 3rd way of forgiveness

Blue Waterdrop_edited.jpg

Let go of the anger you might have against life itself

  • Are you holding a grudge why life has dealt you such a harsh card?

  • Do you feel that the world or maybe even God has let you down?

  • Understand why holding a grudge against life itself, God or the world might be the most pivotal moment in all forgiveness.

  • Learn to release this and how life can be happening for you again.

  • Learn the fourth process - the 4th way of forgiveness

Heal collective guilt and trauma

  • Understand how and why we carry so called trans-generational trauma with us.

  • Learn how to release and heal trans-generational trauma.

  • Find out how this can help you in today's global situation and how much of an impact you can really have on your surroundings.

  • Learn the fifth process - the 5th way of forgiveness


Creating your own process

  • Make it your own.

  • Learn how you bring all the tools together.

  • By now you will have released a lot of old pain and now you understand how you can move into the future with instant forgiveness.

  • Create your own process for your specific needs.

Working on all levels

  • This course is created so you can release while you learn.

  • There is room to ask your own questions and find your own flow.

  • Live Q&A to make sure all your questions are covered and learn from the questions of others.

  • Trance Coaching recordings will help you release on a subconscious level so your conscious mind cannot interfere or keep you stuck.

  • Trances will also help you to integrate the new (real) you.

Sign me up!
Image by David Becker


to get all updates and news on upcoming courses.

Should you decide this course is not for you after all, you will get your money back within the first 15 days; no questions asked.


This includes:

  • All 6 modules

  • Replays for 1 year

  • Live Bonus Q&A

  • Trance - Basic Trust

  • Bonus Trance - Free from Guilt & Shame

  • Bonus Trance - I am enough

  • Access to secret Facebook group

  • And many extras...

This course is now closed

Still doubting if this could work for you?
Below you find the most recent testimonials from the courses
that have completed in 2022

Marcel, Essen

In my life, I often found myself alone without direction and I had learned to doubt myself a lot.
Nothing I did was out of my conviction but always came from pleasing others. I always wanted harmony. Nobody was allowed to criticize me because I was so insecure. I had to do everything perfectly and of course it was never perfect enough.

I felt empty. Vulnerable. Defenseless. NOT confident. No confidence in myself. No conviction. I was like a flag in the wind.
Through Gido's course I learned to forgive. To shed the baggage of the past and gain confidence in myself and my abilities. I see the positive things in my story much more than before.
I have a primal sense of self-confidence and know that I can do what I want to do! I believe in myself much more, have much more confidence, believe in other people and can open up to them better, because I no longer think that if I open up I might be criticized for it! I don't give a shit who criticizes me and I live according to the principle: DOING ME and I owe that to Gido!!!!!!.

Gildis, Austria

The concept that Gido has developed here is simply ingenious. It goes from the individual to the big picture and does so with clear, comprehensible steps and efficient tools. The 3 trances are a masterpiece and actually I think everyone on this planet must do this course, because of the trances alone! Experiencing all this together in a fine group was pure soul bathing! This course really carried me through these very challenging times.

Gido is and remains the KING OF TRANCE for me and proves it again and again. With his mix of clear leadership, humor and pure elegance in coaching, he gets to the heart of the issues and the participants to the key to the solution.

I can look after myself better, take better care of myself in everyday life. Especially the trance "Urvertrauen - Deep Basic Trust" carries me with a double floor.

Many thanks, dear Gido, and many thanks to the group

Petra Steudel, Germering near Munich

With Gido's help I have found myself!
By forgiving myself, I was able to free myself from always having to be nice to everyone in order to be loved. I have finally found out what it is like to love myself, to stand by who I am and that I don't conform to many people's ideas. And that is good!
No one could have given me a greater gift.

Image by David Becker

Carl, Hamburg

Who would have thought that forgiving oneself was important?
In this course, such important things have been discussed that make life easier. And that in a short time. Gido's course has a great structure and the way he passes on the material is quite simple and natural. This course has made it possible for me to live my life more calmly, to stress less with myself, but also with others.
I feel freer and better than before.

Judit, from Budapest

Forgive, let go, I am free!!!
The topic was not easy for me! Many questions, many answers, but then to feel the liberation was terrific!  Collectively forgiving - how important! At first I felt great resistance!!! But Gido was very attentive with all of us, with great empathy he paid attention to every detail and met each of us where we were! He has the gift to create a good atmosphere in the group, "we are all in the same boat"! This course touched me deeply and was very valuable for me!
My strained relationship with my mother, for example, has become much more loving and understanding!!!! I can communicate my opinion more clearly and yet lovingly.
Thank you very much Gido!!!
I am waiting for the continuation!!!

Susi, Bayreuth

By dealing with forgiveness, I feel much lighter and sometimes more liberated. I now believe that everyone needs forgiveness, in whatever form. It allows me to take control of situations and for me it is a form of self-care. After my brother's accident and death I once received a card, which funnily enough I have now found again, funny coincidence. It said," Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness - but because you deserve peace.
In that sense, best regards, Susi“

Gesa, Hannover

The course has struck a new chord in me and I have realised: Forgiveness is pure love - the radically loving view of myself and others. This love gives me serenity and lightness and sets me free. Thank you for this wonderful insight!

Image by David Becker

Claudia, Krefeld

The course : "The power of forgiveness! Ultimate Freedom" was a revelation for me.I understood that forgiveness is not just about forgiving the other person to feel freer... Here I experienced the redemption of self-forgiveness. "If I could have done it differently, I would have done it differently!" This sentence contains so much liberation!Then I could also forgive a group and the collective like the GDR (former East Germany), which evoked for me the image of the falling wall in Berlin. At first I thought the title "Ultimate Freedom ("finally free" in German)" was a bit exaggerated, but it exceeded all expectations. I feel free at last! It was a terrific course!

Monique, Goch

Forgiveness has led me to inner contentment and takes away the pressure I put on myself in the past. I have strengthened my basic trust and feel much more liberated.

Steffi from Aachen

This course has helped me take a huge step towards personal freedom and giving up responsibility. Since then I feel freer and more content. When I think of the moment within the course when it clicked, it always warms my heart and so much has fallen away from me.- Thank you, Gido

Dani, Münster

I have completed the 6 Week Masters Course and the Power of Forgiveness with you in 12 months and I can happily report:
I am doing brilliantly! I am happy, debt-free, largely free of fear and better at everything than ever before. I have recognized my talents and abilities and am living them. The MOST wonderful result for me personally is that I trust my gut feeling 100% again. I live my magic fully again, hear my inner voice and follow it.I couldn't have done that without you and your courses!

My heart is light, my light shines brightly and I laugh again with all my heart. I am back and I love my life.

Image by David Becker

Isabelle, Hamburg

In everyday life I notice how the old ghosts (the old triggers) hardly irritate me any more. They show up, but I can leave them well with the other person, precisely because I have worked on my issues for myself, gone through them and have already been able to solve some of them. I have much more self-esteem, more self-confidence and am much more with myself. I am as good as I am. My life is there for me. I pay attention to myself. - Especially the topic of self-esteem, mindfulness and self-love has grown enormously. Before, I often felt alienated, felt I had to conform. I have learned that I can simply be the way I am. That it is best if I contribute as I am. I am much more balanced.

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