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6 week audio course

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The Successful Auditions Programme for Creative High Achievers The keys to successful auditions & creating new habits of success How would you like to really access your talents and trust what you can do in an audition process and create the habits that guarantee more success with each time you enter a casting? The Successful Auditions Program for Creative High Achievers is designed to do just that and so much more. Pushing the boundaries of your personal achievement, helping you lean more into your edge while letting go of past programming and self sabotaging patterns, this 6-week course is the culmination of 7 years of researching the mind-set of performing artists and over 20 years of experience and observing the industry. WHAT IS THE SUCCESSFUL AUDITIONS PROGRAM? Based on extensive research the Successful Auditions Programme has been designed for those who want to push the limitations of what they believe they are capable of and giving them the tools to perform to the best of their abilities when it really matters. It is a 6-week AUDIO PROGRAM where you receive weekly installments to work through. Each module is designed to help you understand your patterns and beliefs and where your behaviors are coming from. It will help you change your subconscious structure and access more of your artistic potential. With investing only 1 hour a week these exercises will open up new expanded possibilities not only in your audition routine, but in all areas of your life. Over 6 weeks, each module builds on previous successes by working through the following stages: Week 1 – Your Paradigm Shift Exploring and understanding your own paradigms and what deep down you really believe to be true about you in your career. Gaining that clarity often moves mountains, but we take it one step further and start changing and resetting these old patterns and beliefs. Week 2 – Release Resistance To Change Trance Through the power of trance coaching, a hypnotic process, we surpass your critical mind to release the resistance to positive change and build new habits of thinking. Week 3 – From Default To Choice In this week you will easily decipher your own audition process, the route you usually take when you are lined up for an audition or casting. From here we create a new process that is personal to you and helps you let go of possible pain from past meetings. Week 4 – Break A Pattern Learn how to switch off anxiety and panic and enter a more pea

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