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The next 33 DAYS 2 FLOW will start in the new year

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Welcome to the FREE 33 day flow challenge

Where you learn to trust your gut instinct, your inner wisdom your intuition again. 

And why should you do that? 

Because when you learn to trust and follow what I call your inner GPS you will take the fast track to expand your life. You will take the fast track to MORE or what you want.

-more success, more health, more love, more joy - yes more of what I call FLOW: the state in which things just seem to flow. 


Do you know these times when you seem to be constantly running into walls and no matter what you do, nothing works? And on the other hand there are moments when everything is just flowing, and it seems as if the whole world is just waiting to support you in everything you do? That is the state I am talking about 


When life is happening for you.


That doesn't mean it always feels easy but it does feel like you are ever expanding into who you are meant to be and into what you are here to do. 


Join me >>>HERE

Five years ago, I took myself on the original 30 day flow challenge. 

I was "asked" for 30 days to learn to trust the impulses that I was getting from my gut feeling and follow no questions asked as long as it was reasonable.


The voice in my head back then said ( And I remember that vividly): the goals you have for your life are nice. But as big as they are, they still far too small for what is possible because they are coming through your conditioned filters. What if you let your SOUL guide you, that actually knows what's best for you.


I am not going to lie, on one hand, I was excited, but on the other hand, I was scared shitless. I was scared first, that I was never going to do anything, then I was scared that I would completely burn out, then I was scared that people laugh at me, ridicule me, and most importantly, then I will lose my clients. That people just won't take me seriously again.


But what happened was pure magic!


Not only did I not lose clients. I actually gained new clients through the process. I ended up finally having the meetings that I was trying to make happen for months and months. I felt excited to get up in the morning. I was burning for what I was doing, and yet I felt rested because FLOW would teach me when and where to take my breaks. And that is when I learned, that my soul or whatever is guiding me, has only one objective: 




That I become my best possible version. And that includes being healthy, being happy, being rested, being excited and being ever expanding.


I cannot tell you what this challenge will bring for you. Because we are all here to experience different things, and to expand in different directions. But what I can tell you is that you will get a sense of being more yourself again, that you will learn to trust your intuition again, that you will shortcut your way to your goals, whatever they are, and have more flow in life.


And does that mean your flow will end after 33 days for you? 


Of course not - 33 days is just a good time to implement and anchor trusting your inner GPS again. To get used to it and also to see what it brings up for you and also what you want to let it go of.


So how will this actually work?


  • The most important part is the introduction video that you will get a few days before we start, because that explains the whole process.

  • I will document my 33 days to Flow live every day on Instagram and on a telegram channel. On that telegram channel, we will also have the chance to communicate and exchange with the group.

  • Every 11 days there will be a live call of 45 minutes to an hour to answer some questions that you might have, streamline some thoughts and give you some new ideas.


The live calls are on

  • Sunday, 1st of October at 5 pm UK time,

  • Wednesday, 11th October at 8 pm UK time

  • Sunday, the 22nd of October at 5 pm UK time and our closing ceremony on

  • Thursday, November 2nd at 8 pm UK


It is an interactive experience where you will join me in MY personal flow challenge with YOUR personal flow challenge, you have group support, and of course there will be some surprises along the way.


It's a beautiful journey it's free and I hope you join me >>>HERE

All you have to do is fill in your name and email address and we will take it from there.


Lest keep growing and lets keep flowing

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