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The positive suggestions used in this trance coaching:

I know deep inside that I am completely safe on all levels of my being.

I forgive myself and others with ease, simply let go of all the stories that don’t serve me anymore and joyfully look ahead.

Through that, I am now creating my life full of power from the depth of my true Self. It is absolutely worth it to live and to express my truth.

I am worthy of being loved and to love and I feel accepted as an integral part of all that is. I trust my intuition and know exactly who and what is good and right for me and I take my next step full of courage.

This deep knowledge and trust is now unfolding within me with every breath and expresses itself daily anew through my growing self-esteem and a deep sense of security.

With each day I feel my deep basic trust growing: my trust in myself, in life and in the world, because life is always happening for me.

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