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Matthias Ginter

German National Football Player
World Champion

"Gido and his work have shaped me. Without him, many of things would not have been possible in my career.

His work deserves every recognition and appreciation that he desires. When we first started, he prioritized my wellbeing above all in our conversations and yet he still used so many different approaches that it never got monotonous.
He helped me tremendously to be mentally strong and stable and to stay that way thanks to his tips."


"I feel deep appreciationbecause working with Gido is not "just coaching" on a particular topic, but really enriches, facilitates
and shapes my life."

Sabrina Weckerlin

Singer/Songwriter, Original Elsa in Frozen the Musical, Germany



Privateer, Germany

"My life was marked by various challenges that accompanied me for possibly over two decades and led to a low quality of life. These included mental disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and chronic stress.

 In the past I had several therapists of "classical" psychotherapy for many years. However, sustainable success always failed to materialise and, based on a recommendation from my coach, I decided without further ado to take up coaching with Mr Schimanski. Completely unbiased and without any specific expectations. 

Perhaps that was exactly the right attitude. 

Gido Schimanski is one of the people who have had the greatest influence on me and my quality of life. If I had not met him, I would not be the happy and fulfilled person I am today.

 He is a luminary and in just a few sessions has managed to become the person in my life who really (!) knows me like no one else. Even my parents I am not able to attribute this to. I have not met a second person in my life who was able to do this.

The certainty of being able to work with a person at this eye level gave me a lot of confidence and was a decisive foundation for the success of his work. 
His way of working is very subtle. At no point did I have the feeling of being in a "therapeutic" atmosphere. Almost like a conversation between two friends. Rather, the sessions were always characterised by confidence and one's own personality was viewed in such a charming way, with a high degree of appreciation. 
I can recommend coaching with Mr Schimanski to anyone. It was the best decision I ever made. 

Change and coming to terms with one's own being is one of the completely underestimated, as well as most beautiful contents of our lives. Enjoy this experience."

Stephan Kölbl.jpg

Stephan Kölbl

Entrepreneur, Essen, Germany

"The work with Gido is sensational: It is fun and delivers priceless results. A MUST for anyone who is open-minded and determined to fully develop his potential in their professional as well as private life. In this development process, ways have opened up for me that are leading to the desired results with an ease that I did not previously consider possible. And almost as a side effect I've identified topics that I wasn’t even aware of before. This gave me a whole new perspective and a whole new approach to issues that I had previously considered unsolvable. What is the result? Within my family, at work, and in sports, 
I have overcome obstacles and eliminated disturbances that have long prevented me from being the best version of myself. Now the path is clear! 

There is only one point of criticism:
I should have done this coaching 10 years earlier."

Stina Foto.JPG

Stina Johannes

Goalkeeper for Eintracht Frankfurt
German National Team

"When I think about where I was before I started working with Gido and where I am now, I am truly lost for words and feel a deep sense of gratitude. I am the happiest, most fulfilled, most approachable and most successful version of myself. I have found myself, overcome traumas, learnt to love myself and am now at a point where I can fully enjoy my life. 

Gido has managed to reach me completely with his way of being and I can't and don't want to do without him anymore.

Everyone should have a Gido in their life. At least I wish it for everyone :)

When I think about where I was before I started working with Gido and where I am now, words fail me. Gido has managed to reach me completely with his way and I can't and don't want to do without him any more."

Hettie Gifford.jpeg

Hettie Gifford

UK, Entrepreneur

"Gido is truly wonderful at what he does and will be able to guide you to the answers you seek, if you trust in him and commit to the process. It’s like he took a torch in my mind and could shine it on the doors that I couldn’t see. Close the ones that were holding me back and walk through the ones leading me to where I wanted to go. 

Ultimately releasing me from going round in circles, and repeating the same patterns, some of these for over 20 years!

It has been such a magnificent experience and has helped me in both my personal and professional lives... Therefore in my personal life I am attracting great experiences and creating memories with the people I love most and in my professional life I trust myself more, so I am leading with courage and energy and helping people flourish.
I am so excited for what the future holds with this new found understanding of myself.
Thank you so so much Gido. I am so grateful for your time and wisdom."

Tony Mamodaly.jpg

Tony Mamodaly

Founder of Mindgamesport

"The work with Gido was truly transformative.

Gido helped me understand the functionality of my inner belief system and how some old outdated beliefs created patterns in my mind, that massively limited myself in my personal and professional development. His principles taught me how to break out of the mental trap and stating that it changed my life for the better is a massive understatement.
At the time I started working with him, I had a bachelors and masters degree, lived on an island in Miami, ran my own business and was married to a wonderful woman with whom I had a beautiful son. Yet, what may look like a successful and fulfilled life to the external world, did not at all match my world internally.
Gido not only helped me uncover these negative thought patterns, but also taught me how to break with my old belief system and how to rewrite the narrative of my life. The simple lesson that we can only change the world on the outside when we change on the inside, helped me get my family together. And that, in fact, is all that matters in the first place."

Dodo Dobromir Karkoszka.jpg

Dobromir Karkoszka

Trainer / coach
for professional athletes

"When Gido came into my life, the journey to myself began and what I was able to experience is difficult to put in words. You actually have to feel it yourself.
The peace of mind that I gained and the freedom to be who I want to be made me a better trainer and coach. At the same time, 

I was able to use everything I learned about myself to meet my athletes and clients on a whole different level.

Everyone needs a coach and I am glad that I let Gido into my life. He not only helped me, but also all of my athletes and costumers who benefited indirectly from his work with me."

Drew Mconie.jpg

Drew McOnie

Winner Laurence Olivier Award

"There is no question that Gido’s work has brought me an incredible amount of clarity in both my personal and professional life and ​he has brought my goals and ambitions that exciting step closer. 
His understanding of the way performing artists work is second to none and I would recommend his incredible workshops and one-on-one sessions to anyone who has a passion to satisfy and dreams to achieve. Gido has without doubt given me the tools to asses where I am happiest and set me on the track to living my full potential. My Life is Mine to Create."

Anne Joergensen.jpeg

Anne Jørgensen

Group Leader BSH Appliances

"While pursuing my career and developing into a new role, as well als handling major changes in my life in general, working with Gido has helped me to focus on and make the most out of my strengths.
At the same time I have been able to let go of the restraints that have held me back until now. It has been equally valuable to gain insights on my weaknesses and to use this to grow, professionally and personally. Continuously.
To me it is also important that although each session has been intense in bringing profound changes there wasn’t one session where we haven't laughed as well."


Dr Arne Aarnik

DFB-referee and Start-up Founder

"Gido‘s positive energy and calmness is contagious. Each time I’m excited how casually we dive from our mandatory espresso deep into the coaching session. 
No matter if I bring a certain issue or Gido targets a subject by his sensitive and effective questioning technique, each session brings a tremendous progress. 

Gido introduced me to tools that improve my performance on the pitch as well as my personal life. 
I am free from my thoughts going round in circles, extremely close to myself and have more energy. I'm really excited about what's to come.
I appreciate to have met Gido and I‘m very thankful for his great support.“

Victoria Racey.png

Victoria Racey

ChangeByThought, UK

„I’m amazed how quickly Gido Schimanski was able to help me make significant changes that had been deeply rooted in my emotional wellbeing and had been holding me back for years. In just two hours! On Skype! The emotional unblocking has already given me more energy. 
I feel physically stronger and have a sense of clarity that I didn’t have before.
I urge anyone that wants to make changes to their lives and reach their true potential to take the first step and contact Gido now. I found him very approachable and easy to speak to. I came away feeling really listened to. I now feel able to move on and live the life I have, want and deserve.
Thank you!"


Oliver Walker

Actor BBC Atlantis,
Holby City, Indian Summer

“I feel thoroughly humbled knowing that the investment I made with Gido has been the greatest endeavour of my life so far. A year on, my fears and blocks are no more and judging by the work that is coming into my life, I can say with my hand on my heart that I am now achieving exactly what I had set out to with him.
He has become the architect of my professional and personal life and I thank him for it every single day.”

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