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Why do I keep running into the same obstacles over and over again - Mindset Mini Series - Part 1

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

"I thought I would be happy now!"

Running into one of the top performing athletes in Germany and hearing that a few years ago was one the most heartbreaking moments in my career in coaching.

Actually what he said was: You know I have the career, play for one of the best clubs, got the wife, the car, the house, the money and the fame - I thought I would be happy now.

And it broke my heart. It broke my heart because it reminded me of another story.

(subtitles on the video are available)

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My name is Gido Schimanski and I used to be a performer. I started off as a ballet dancer then changed into acting and then moved into singing and so naturally did a lot of work in musical theatre. I too had a career that many admired and yet for 25 years I was continuously waiting to be found out, because everyday I felt that I wasn’t good enough.

That I shouldn’t be there. That something was wrong with me.

Inside I felt very different to what others seemed to see in me and every little mistake I made stuck to me and weighed me down for weeks, even more than the ones before.

And I never thought it was possible to perform - or just live - with confidence and ease. I never knew what it felt like to trust that what I was doing was good.

Let alone ENJOYING it.

But this is not how the story ends:

At some point I discovered tools that allowed me to let go of these old patterns, these old beliefs that kept me stuck. That kept me running into the same old wall over again. And I started applying them and I started changing. I started feeling differently and in return I got different results. And when, after six years of not being on stage anymore, I was asked to play the lead in a show called CATS, I knew there were 1000 guys better than me and probably 100 guys not as good as me but.....

for the first time in my career I went on that stage feeling - no, knowing that I deserve to be there and that I had an audience to take care off. That was quite a different experience for me.

And so - I know that intrinsic change is possible.

This is what I do today. I work with high achievers who are often in the public eye and I help them under all that pressure not only to perform to the best of their abilities, but also to enjoy their success. These are professional footballers, CEO’s, leading ladies and men in musical theatre and the occasional pop-star and very often the image they project and how they really feel inside is very different. And I help them close that gap so they can finally enjoy who they really are and enjoy their outstanding talents.

  • So imagine you too can free yourself from the shackles of feeling less than you are.

  • Imagine you can open the door to even greater success and are able to enjoy it.

  • And imagine you feel good about yourself and that, in your most important moments you don’t sabotage yourself anymore, but are actually able to draw on all of your resources.

I know that the stories that you tell yourself most likely aren’t true - because they hardly ever are - even though they feel very real to you. I know that! Let me help you find out what’s really possible for you and to write a different story that you love.

With this video I want to invite you to a free miniseries where I share some of the best tools from my group coaching course the 6 WEEK MASTERS.

And my promise for you is that you will see that change is not only possible - but much easier than you most likely think.


I will share with you why in some areas of your life CHANGE seems easy and whatever you do, things always seem to work out and fall into place, why in other areas of your life you’re just stuck and no matter what you do, you keep hitting the same walls over and over again. (You know, you might change your job, but are still treated the same way, or when you're dating, the faces might change, but the guy or girl are essentially the same.)


I will then show you how you can take the first steps into changing those programs and how you make those changes last.


we will speak about how letting go of the past, especially the pain from the past, is not only possible, but fun. Does that sound good? I thought so.

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I want to start right away - So let me dive right in:

Many people believe that they cannot change. That things are just as they are. That they are just as they are - meaning that there is nothing they can do about it. It’s just how it is.

And yet maybe you are a little bit like me back then and somehow you feel there is more to life and maybe even more to you.

What I didn’t know back then was, that we all are conditioned to believe certain things about the world, life and about us and that we are programmed like the operating system of a computer.

For more, please watch the video

(subtitles on the video are available)

Now you know that you are running programs, that are most likely not true or helpful anymore and it is at this point where people often wonder, what their beliefs and programs are and how they can change them.

And that is of course what I will be covering in the next video.

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And also please let me know your comments below. I want to hear what you think, what your questions are and how I can help you.

And I see you in the next video.

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