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Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools for letting go of the past and supporting us physically and mentally on our path to a new freedom.


This trance meditation is designed so that you can always take the next best step of forgiveness for yourself.


Level by level you go deeper to gently leave behind the past that no longer serves you. You can start this journey with a clear idea of who you need to forgive, or you can leave it open and trust your consciousness and the angels to show you the right person.


It is advisable to do this trance meditation several times a week at the beginning to integrate the processes so that later forgiveness becomes a natural part of your life.


The trance meditation requires your full attention, so please do not listen to it while driving, operating machinery or caring for small children.


Find a comfortable place, lie down and enjoy this journey. This recording is best listened to with headphones.

Angels of Forgiveness - The little journey of letting go

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