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Trance Coaching for Deep Basic Trust - 32 Minutes


Trance Coaching is one of the most powerful tools to change old beliefs and behavior patterns and the beauty is, these trances don't cost any extra time because you do them in your sleep, so to speak. 

It is important that you do not listen to this trance when you need to be alert and sane. So please do not listen while you are driving, operating machines, taking care of small children and whenever your attention is needed. Please also make sure that you are lying comfortably. 


With this gentle trance we support the body to regenerate itself through deep relaxation and your subconscious mind to get back more and more primal trust.


I recommend listening to this type of trance for 30 days in a row, so that the subconscious mind really absorbs everything. As I said, the deep relaxation alone is enormously helpful. Then add to that positive suggestions, which become so regularly anchored and deepen more and more. 


It works best if you listen to the recording of the trance with headphones to fall asleep and then just continue to sleep. I personally like to listen to it for naps. At 30 minutes, it is the perfect length for that. The volume can be quite low, barely audible. The subconscious mind actually picks it up anyway.


The music is by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and is in the frequency of the theta range, with binaural beats of 5 hertz. This means that even the music will help you to relax more deeply.


In this journey I use the following suggestions to support you:

The suggestions or programming we use are:


I know deep inside that I am completely safe on all levels of my being.

I forgive myself and others with ease, simply let go of all the stories that don’t serve me anymore and joyfully look ahead. 


Through that, I am now creating my life full of power from the depth of my true Self.


It is absolutely worth it to live and to express my truth. I am worthy of being loved and to love and I feel accepted as an integral part of all that is.


I trust my intuition and know exactly who and what is good and right for me and I take my next step full of courage.


This deep knowledge and trust is now unfolding within me with every breath and expresses itself daily anew through my growing self-esteem and a deep sense of security. 


With each day I feel my deep basic trust growing: my trust in myself, in life and in the world, because life is always happening for me.


I wish you a lot of joy with this recording and a constantly growing primordial confidence and deep basic trust in yourself.


Gido Schimanski


P.S. For legal reasons I explicitly point out that trance coaching is not a medical treatment or therapy and does not replace them.

Trance Coaching for Deep Primordial Trust

33,00 €Price
VAT Included
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