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Breaking down before breaking through

Have you ever wondered why you seem to go into an emotional melt-down just before your most important meetings? You are so close to one of your goals and that's when your self sabotages seem to come in with full force - at the most inappropriate times.

I know exactly what that feels like and I believe that a breakDOWN is often a clear sign that you are about to have a breakthrough.

I have seen it so many times, that the breakdown is often happening right before you level up, like when you are about to take on a new role or position, when you gain more visibility, or simply when you are about to get what you want.

In this 18 minute video I will show you why a breakdown makes complete sense before you breakthrough and I will give you a few tips on how to have that break through successfully, but gently.

You can find the full masterclass that I mention in the video here:

And this is the old recording of the Ha-breathing I mentioned (Yes I know a new version of this video is looong overdue, but it' s still valid and you might get a good laugh watching one of my very first YouTube attempts:

Please let me know in the comments any thoughts or questions you might have.


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