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FORGIVE! Let go and make room for a new life!

Dear Friends

I am just sitting in one of my favourite cafes in London as I write this watching the people enjoying this beautiful sunshine, reflecting on my past week.

And as I thought about the coaching sessions I've given and conversations I had I realized that there was one recurring topic throughout. Although everyone wants to move forward to a better, higher, healthier and more inspired life, almost everyone seems to hold on to something in the past, some incident that happened, some person that hurt them. Forgiveness was yet again the biggest generator to help people clear their past and move forward.

Forgiveness is really saying 'Give for'.

Meaning make room for your new plans to take place where usually your old resentment is taking up the space.

Of course I was wondering how this was reflecting on my life and I realized there is always someone, something I can still forgive. (It does get much easier though...) If certain events easily throw you off balance, 'trigger' you, you can almost be certain that the deeper cause is your conditioning, down to a pain that you are not letting go.

It is this pain that you want to let go off to be that person that you now have decided to be, rather than the person that you have always held on to believing you are.

I said it before and I say it again:

Forgiveness is an absolute MUST, if you want to move forward!

Forgiveness is your best and biggest generator to achieve your dreams and desires and move freely with your flow of life.Forgiving someone is not saying I agree with what you did to me, or I loose and you win. It is simply letting it go for your own sake.

If you keep blaming someone, you keep giving them the power over your life

I urge you to at least once week take half an hour to make a list of the things and beings that you still resent and hold un-forgiveness for. Then close your eyes and imagine being with that person in a neutral space. Maybe you want to ask for their point of view. What made them do what they did? What is their past? I always find this very helpful. Then look them in the eyes and say:

"I forgive you. There is no unsettled business between us anymore

and my forgiveness for you is complete. You are free and I am free."

You can also support this process by imagining cutting the energetic cords between you, to help you with this. You will be amazed how much lighter and stringer you feel.

If you are struggling with forgiveness have a look at the

recording in my shop. It has helped so many people who were struggling with letting go and it will help you.

Much love, as always


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