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Old Fears? New breakthrough!

When your old fears pop up again that you were sure you had worked through already.... you might be heading for a breakthrough. Something happens that I call: NEW LEVEL - SAME DEVIL.

It actually only feels like the same devil. If you wouldn't expand and reach for something new outside your comfort zone, for a new goal for instance, your old fears would't show up. So when the old Gremlins re-appear again - YOU ARE HEADING FOR AN UPGRADE!

When those old fear pop up again I usually see a breakthrough happening in my clients shortly after. But see for yourself and have a look at this new video.

(I am aiming to get more videos out again on youtube about personal growth and all that it involves. Please click like if you would like to support me get this message out and subscribe if you would like to be notified when the next one comes out. Thank you )

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