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What does forgiveness have to do with Sex?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

A few weeks ago I asked you what questions you still have around forgiveness and what changes you would wish for in your life. And there have been so many important questions that I will go live again tomorrow for a Q&A, but this one statement stuck out to me, because it was so different.

In regards to What questions or fears do you still have around forgiveness?someone replied: Nothing - I think I am a good forgiver - most of the time. Which I 100% believe.

And yet when I asked What change would you wish for in your life? this person said:

A little more sex... not being afraid of sex being something that is a "forbidden" thing!!!

Most people would probably say, that they wouldn’t mind a little more sex, so I get it. But when I hear someone say, that it feels forbidden, I know that this is something worth looking at. As I always say: There is GOLD for you!

It is a wonderful example of how we can use forgiveness to enhance literally every area of our life.

You see sex, or lack of, is just the symptom. And the big question I would ask myself here is:

Who is telling me that sex is forbidden?

For many this topic still feels dirty and unworthy, because they were brought up with a distorted view on their bodies and sex. We are often brought up with a sense of guilt and shame around it and later in our relationships it is often used to utilize a certain outcome. Sex is used as a reward, or no sex as a punishment.

And in relationships we sometimes have the „I don’t want to have sex with you anymore, but when you do it with someone else, it is also wrong.“ (Please read till the end)

But even singles often feel ashamed about enjoying sex and their bodies with someone else. The programing runs deep. And as I said: I use forgiveness everywhere, and this is a good example to explain how you can use any trigger to take your life to the next level.

I always start by asking: What is it about this that really angers me?

The answer could be:

  • I feel ashamed for having sex.

  • I don’t like my body enough to enjoy it, or to even have sex.

  • My partner won’t have sex with me.

  • I am scared to catch an STD.

  • Society judges me.

You have to understand what the FORBIDDEN part is, and the question: What is it that really angers me, might get you much closer.

Now when you know that part, you can ask, what is it that I really want to let go of?

  • Resentment towards my partner.

  • Not feeling good about myself/self loathing

  • My fears to catch something.

  • Being free from the opinion of others.

Now you know where to start!

And you can use the steps that we covered in the Forgiveness Festival.

In my experience this topic is so loaded, there will be a few different layers that you want to look at. The real outcome here is not to have more sex (it could be), but TRUE FREEDOM. When something feels forbidden - you don’t have a choice. YOU ARE NOT FREE to make a choice.

But when you release the charge and the trigger, you can now make free decisions about your relationship. That you want to be monogamous for instance and not have to. That you can chose who you give your body to and not just to someone who fills a void of selflove. That you can be sex positive without feeling shame if you want to. It is now your choice!!!

IT IS THAT FREEDOM THAT I WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE and why I am so passionate about forgiveness and the RECLAIM YOUR POWER course.

As I said, sex is just the symptom and you can use this formula for every other area of your life.

Forgiveness is a journey to self dicovery and healing. Healing cultural conditioning. Healing a lack of self love. Healing relationships and taking them to the next level, because you now are free to communicate and not just manipulate.

I will go live again tomorrow (Tuesday) to go a little deeper into this and answer more of the questions you asked.

At 7:30pm UK / 20:30 Berlin. I would love it if you join me on my private Facebook profile.

And if you are ready to make a real change, please join me here on

We are starting very soon.

Much love


PS: In case you missed it, there is a bonus of a personal 45min coaching session with me for everyone who registers before 8pm tonight.

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