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You can always count on resistance!

"You can can always count on resistance."

I always like hearing this sentence from my dear colleague Gildis Klaunzer-Binder, who first heard it from one of your trainers.

You can always count on resistance!

If you follow my work a bit, you will have probably heard the following from me: The moment you send out a strong intention, i.e. strive for a goal, two things usually happen:

First, the doors fly open and according to the law of attraction the way to your new destination is wide open. You are completely in flow. At best, that happens. And only if your subconscious and your deepest beliefs already agree with your goal.

If this is not the case, point two happens (which, by the way, is also flow for me):

Life now shows you what you still have to learn, accept or let go of in order to achieve your goal. And that often feels like RUNNING AGAINST THE WALL. So it may well be that your beliefs have quite a bit of resistance to your new goal.

But let me explain:

For example, if you want to be more successful in your job, but deep down you believe that success means, for example, that you lose friends, you become a bad person, you have to lie, or success means that you are not safe, because you can't cope with the associated visibility ... Then you have a resistance to success - even if you want it. (By the way, they are unconscious and are all patterns that I see again and again in my courses or with clients. And most of them would swear, that they do not have such beliefs or thoughts.)

And this resistance can take many forms. Inner resistance actually has many faces. Of course, the classic one is that you feel stuck and just can't take the next step. Also a welcome sabotage: you get sick, or something apparently more important happens, like your uncle needs help, your husband is not well, or your girlfriend needs attention, or you are distracted and don't book the course you actually need to achieve this next goal. Believe me, I've done it all myself.

In my experience, however, these resistances are also much more blatant on the outside. The technology does not work and we cannot make the call, the car breaks down and we therefore have no money for the next step, an e-mail cannot be sent, or you shut yourself out before an important meeting, etc. etc.

What has fascinated me for years has actually been when this resistance shows up in completely absurd circumstances, such as technology. But not every time technology fails, means that you are in the resistance. No, it can even mean, that what you are up to is not good and right for you right now. So flow actually takes care of you !!!

I remember an email that I tried to send out over and over a few years ago. And no matter what I did, it just wouldn't go out. Until I read it again and found a mistake that was just a simple typo, but twisted the meaning of the text so that it would have been fatal. As soon as that was corrected, the email worked again. I know that sounds very far-fetched, but if you have these experiences over and over again, you stop believing in coincidences and start looking closely.

One of my favorite clients has always said to me: Life speaks to you! And that is exactly the case. We just have to listen and be aware of it.

What does that mean for you now?

If you notice that something keeps blocking and something keeps happening that throws you back, I would ask you to question two things for yourself:

  • Is it really good and right for me what I am about to do here? If not, you know what to do.

  • If it's good and right, then ask yourself, what resistance you may have in you against reaching that new goal. What's your benefit in not achieving this? You may be surprised what you can find.

And then you can work with what you found to change it.

Yes, you can indeed count on resistance!!!

As always, I hope that this will help you one step further into realizing your true dreams.

Much love


P.S. I would love if you forward this article to the people you think could help and leave me your questions or comments below

P.P.S. Now see this made me smile: The very moment I typed that one of my favourite clients always says, life speaks to you.. guess who called. That's right! And we haven't spoken in months. Funny how that works...

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