The truth about affirmations

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Some yeas back now I remember my friend David always saying "you can have it all" and although I am the one teaching people how to 'have it all', I had that constant voice in my head that told me I couldn't have it all, or maybe even that shouldn't.

I soon realized that I had hit one of my very own BELIEFS, or as I like to call them: PROGRAMS. Its only a program that you should only follow one career. It's also a program, that you can change careers as often as you like. It's a program that you can do it all at once. The question is: What program or belief do you have or follow?

Once I realised that I was following a belief that wasn't supporting me I decided to change it and suddenly I came across an old technique that I've heard off for so long, that I have been using off and on and to be honest never fully believed in. AFFIRMATIONS!

I always liked the idea of setting intentions and the power of intention had proven to be immense for me, but the idea of repeating a sentence that I quite possibly don't even believe in just didn't click with me.

I had a different belief...

But I had seen it work for so many people around me that I had to give it another shot. So I started monitoring my thoughts and wrote down the reframe of any negative thoughts whenever I could. For instance when I caught myself thinking: 'I should really stick to one career', I wrote down "I can and I should be successful in more than one career at the same time."

Did this feel odd? Absolutely! In fact it felt like a total lie. Oh here is another one that maybe more people can relate to. Have you ever passed a mirror and thought "God I look so old/ugly/fat etc...'?

Exactly. So on my list went: "God, I look beautiful, young and radiant and I get more toned every day..."

Man that was really uncomfortable even writing it down, but I was adamant to give this a real try.

As soon as I found new reframes I made them my mantra all day long. Meaning I was repeating them walking to the train, doing the dishes, being in the shower, you name it. And suddenly things started changing. But at first not in the way I was expecting it. Did I have another belief on how this was suppose to unfold..? 😉

What I noticed at first wasn't that suddenly I felt like a multitasker, having 2 careers unfold, feeling beautiful, young and fit.

The big change was that all the negative self-talk that I was usually doing slowly dropped away.

My new affirmations didn't leave any space for the negative thoughts anymore. From my work as a Trance Coach I knew that our subconscious mind is always listening and if I could stop all that negative chatter, I knew I was already a big step ahead. For me that was the biggest revelation ever.

Positive affirmation don't just create a new reality as I used to think (and doubted) but they become place holders where usually the negative thought processes are being at works.

And suddenly I noticed the changes: I felt happier, more at ease and more trusting that good things would come my way. I was already loving this experiment and kept going and the next thing was that now these affirmations became automatic. When I was eating something that probably wasn't on the top of the list of health foods I now heard myself think: "Enjoy! Whatever I eat is good for me and I love taking care of my body." All of a sudden the pressure was gone, I could do what I liked and yet started liking doing better things for me. Slowly but surely my mindset was changing. And then it clicked:

Of course! This was using self-hypnosis or self trance in order to rewire my brain.


My beliefs about me and life were changing

and as I always say:

When you change your beliefs

you change your results.

So from being one of the biggest sceptics out there, I am now a firm believer in affirmations. Mainly because it is another extension of my trance work and as I said before:



Suddenly affirmations weren't only possible in my head, they made complete sense to me and I hope they make a little more sense to you now as well. If they feel like a total lie, the more important it is to do them. If they are too far out of your comfort zone you want to soften them a bit and create a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be. Then the magic happens.

Your outer reality will match your inner changes.

  • Catch your negative thoughts

  • Reframe them into a positive affirmation

  • Repeat aloud or even in your head as much as possible (they become the placeholder)

  • Watch your behaviours and beliefs change

  • Watch your reality change!

It is such a joyous journey and keep in mind, I didn't really believe it either.

The best part for me is, I hardly have any dark mood days anymore. Where I used to experience them fortnightly, they are now sometimes 4 months apart and you can imagine how that will change your life.

A little trick I have been using personally is something I learnt from Bruce Lipton. I record my affirmations on my phone and listen to that 4 minute loop on my way into town or sometimes have them run in the background. Again, your subconcious is always listening, but this time...